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5 Ways a Bathroom Vanity Adds Luxury to Your Space

Are you looking to refresh your outdated vanity? If you look around, you’ll find various vanities ranging from subtle, soothing, and spa-like to bold, energetic ones. The options seem seemingly endless, catering to every taste and style. If you want to add vanity to your bathroom, hiring bathroom vanity installation contractors in Shoemakersville is best for quality and durable results.

Explore five ways these professionals breathe new life into your space, leaving a lasting imprint on the ambiance and aesthetics of your bathroom.

5 Ways Bathroom Vanity Installation Contractors in Shoemakersville Enhance Your Bathroom

1.    Elegant Lighting Solutions

Lighting is the key to transforming the ambiance of your bathroom. When it comes to bathroom vanity, it’s the centerpiece of the space, and specialized contractors understand how installing quality light fixtures strategically can create a luxurious atmosphere.

From soft, flattering sconces to stylish pendant lights, they incorporate lighting and fixtures that seamlessly blend with décor and make your bathroom well-lit and inviting.

2.    Mirror Adjustments

Vanities are incomplete without mirrors. Expert bathroom vanity installation contractors in Shoemakersville understand that mirrors play a pivotal role in elevating the overall luxury of the vanity. Therefore, they expertly choose and position mirrors to achieve a sense of luxury. Some key things about mirrors are:

A.    Size

After assessing your space, they choose the perfect mirror size that not only reflects light but creates an illusion of spaciousness.

B.    Frames

Not every mirror looks great with frames. The experts incorporate frameless mirrors that provide a sleek and contemporary touch. However, if their customers demand more traditional elegance, they use vintage or intricate frames to add elegance.

C.    Shape of Mirror

They also choose a mirror shape that complements the overall design and style of the room. They use round or oval mirrors for a softer and more classic look, while rectangular or square mirrors are used to achieve a crisp, modern, or contemporary appearance.

D.    Backlit Mirrors

To amplify the ambiance and luxury look of the bathroom, professional bathroom vanity installation contractors in Shoemakersville install backlit mirrors. They go beyond illumination as their sleek design provides an elegant and functional aesthetic.

3.    Wall-Mounted Faucets

Another way specialized contractors add luxury to your space is by adding wall-mounted faucets that extend beyond functionality. Efficient and stylish fixtures made from polished brass, LED-integrated, or brushed nickel exude opulence and luxury, enhancing the elegant look and character of your bathroom.

4.    Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks emerged as a distinctive choice, crafted from diverse glass, porcelain, and stone materials. The bathroom vanity installation contractors in Shoemakersville use them for their unique, artistic designs, transforming bathroom vanities into focal points and showcasing individuality and creativity.

5.    Professional Finishes

Lastly, the finishing touches are the key to achieving a luxurious outcome. Experts fine-tune the vanity’s components, ensuring doors, drawers, and hardware are perfectly aligned and function smoothly. Moreover, they polish surfaces and edges skillfully to create a sleek and glossy appearance. The result is a bathroom that gleams with sophistication.

The Bottom Line

From custom designs to premium materials, the bathroom vanity installation contractors in Shoemakersville bring extensive knowledge, strategies, expertise, and skills. This enables them to create a bathroom vanity that is not only beautiful but also functional and enduring. Want to transform your bathroom? Reach out to HHI Contracting. Let our professionals help you create a beautiful and inviting bathroom with a stunning vanity that you can enjoy for years. Contact us today!