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Top 7 Mold-Busting Upgrades You Need to Get for your Bathroom

Bernville experiences hot summers and high humidity, and the buildup of heat and moisture in your bathroom leads to mold growth. It’s essential to deal with it immediately before it compromises your home’s aesthetic appeal and health. One way to counter this is by getting bathroom remodeling from an experienced company.

So, explore seven must-get upgrades in bathroom remodeling that can help eliminate this problem.

7 Mold-Busting Upgrades to Get from a Bathroom Remodeling Company

1.    Ventilation

Installation of a ventilation system is essential to combat moisture-related problems like mold growth and rot. During showers or baths, the steam generated can become trapped, leading to moisture buildup in the bathroom.

By incorporating high-quality exhaust fans or creating a small airway for heat to pass out, you can eliminate excess moisture and promote good airflow, which will help you maintain a dry and mold-free environment in your bathroom.

2.    Impermeable Flooring / Tiles

Selecting the right flooring is essential for the safety and look of your bathroom. During bathroom remodeling near me in Bernville, ensure that you opt for impermeable options like porcelain or ceramic tiles, luxury vinyl planks, or sheet vinyl, as they are resistant to water and moisture penetration, reducing the chances of mold growth. If you choose bathroom tiles, choose non-porous ceramic or porcelain tiles with epoxy grout to make your floor waterproof and mold-resistant.

3.    Change Old Plumbing

An essential upgrade that will make your bathroom remarkably functional and durable but will prevent mold growth is replacing old plumbing. Mold thrives in hidden, dark areas like beneath sinks and toilets. Therefore, old, rusty pipes are more prone to leaks and bacterial growth. Upgrading your plumbing is the best way to save on future repair costs and prevent mold.

4.    Mold-Resistant Paints

Painting is an effective way to refresh the look during bathroom remodeling near me in Bernville. This time, use mold-resistant paint with mildewcides or fungicides that strictly inhibit mold growth. A fresh coat of paint will change the appeal of your walls and ceilings and do wonders for your bathroom’s overall cleanliness.

5.    Quality Cabinetry and Storage

Invest in hardwood, stainless steel, or laminate less susceptible to moisture absorption and mold when replacing storage or vanity cabinets. Get cabinets with proper sealing and adequate ventilation to keep moisture at bay.

6.    Caulk and Sealants

When getting bathroom remodeling near me in Bernville, remember to apply caulk and sealants to mold-prone areas or corners around showers, sinks, and bathtubs. Incorporating adhesives that have additives can inhibit mold growth and create a long-lasting barrier against moisture infiltration.

7.    Underfloor Heating

Get underfloor heating installed during bathroom remodeling. This enhances the bathroom’s comfort and mold resistance and keeps your feet warm during cold Bernville winters. With underfloor heating, your bathroom will maintain an optimal temperature that will discourage mold growth.


Despite your best efforts to keep your bathroom clean, the combination of heat and moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. Fortunately, these seven quality upgrades available during bathroom remodeling near me in Bernville can provide you with a mold-resistant, refreshing bathroom that will last for years.

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