Westlawn shower installation. closeup of a shower head dripping water

Shower Upgrades: 6 Signs You Need to Hire Shower Installation in Westlawn

Showers can wear out over time since it’s the most used item in the bathroom. It’s no surprise that they may need repairs or replacement eventually. But how do you know when it’s time for a completely new shower installation in Westlawn?

Thankfully, some common signs can help you figure that out. Let’s explore these six warning signs that indicate when to consider installing new showers.

6 Key Signs You Need Shower Installation in Westlawn

Mold Growth

Opting for Westlawn shower installation becomes a necessity if you are experiencing excessive mold and mildew growth in your shower area. This problem is often a sign of underlying moisture issues. A new shower with proper waterproofing and ventilation measures can prevent mold and mildew problems, ensuring a healthier and cleaner bathroom.

Frequent Clogs and Drainage Issues

One of the first signs that indicate you need a new shower installation is frequent clogs and slow drainage in your shower. Dealing with this issue can be frustrating. A new shower with an improved drainage system and easy-cleaning structure can help you eliminate this problem.

Consistent Leaks

Another common visible sign that you need a shower installation in Westlawn is the presence of leaks. Cracked or deteriorating showers can cause leaks to look unsightly and allow wastewater to seep into your walls, creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Hiring a professional to install a new shower will help you save water and make your bathroom more attractive.

Outdated Design

Has your shower’s design seen better days? An outdated shower can make your entire bathroom look old and tired. If you plan to sell your home, remember that no potential buyer would invest in a house with outdated showers. Therefore, with shower installation services, you can revamp your bathroom’s look by incorporating sleek, minimalist showers, giving your bathroom a more luxurious, spa-like feel. 

Low Water Pressure

If you’ve been experiencing low water pressure in your shower, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Outdated shower fixtures and plumbing are often the culprits behind this problem. A new shower installation in Westlawn can address these issues by modernizing your plumbing and providing high-quality, water-efficient fixtures, giving you a more refreshing shower experience.

Cracked Tiles

Cracked or chipped tiles around the shower not only ruin the appearance of your shower but can also compromise the integrity of the shower’s structure, potentially leading to more extensive damage over time. By addressing this issue early on with Westlawn shower installation services, you will get a new shower and have damaged tiles replaced with new, fresh, and stylish ones.


Countering problems before they escalate is the best way to protect your home. When your shower displays any of these six signals, it’s time to consider a Westlawn shower installation service. This upgrade enhances your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics and makes your bathing experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

If you identify these signs in your showers, seek expert help from HHI Contracting. Our dedicated team will provide the necessary repairs and exceptional new shower installations. Contact us to take your first step toward a revitalized bathroom today!